We can offer all services defined on Component and consumables and many of the services from Airworthiness Management – EASA part CAMO for all airplanes and engines below listed


Boeing, Airbus , MD, Cessna, Piper, Eurocopter, Bell, Maule, Zlin, SZD

We sell around 40 airplanes and gliders

CAMO for more than 20 B737, 10 Airbus 320, B747, B767, Eurocopter, Bell.

Modification to freighter for more than 10 B737


CFM, AEI, P&W, Honewell, Lycoming, Rotax, Allison, Turbomeca

CAMO and ETM for more the 60 CFM 56, AEI V2500, Allison

Repair and overhaul over 80 Lycoming and Continental engines.

Overhaul and Hot Section Inspection Check for PW JT15D-5A and PT6A-41